Querying Artificial Intelligence on the Dark Universe in a Quintessential Encoding of Space-time

This book explores the possibility of the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to solve one of the cosmos’ biggest mysteries: the nature of undetectable forms of matter, namely dark matter and dark energy, which make up 95% of the universe. The book describes the outcome of this quest in terms of an entangled ur-universe that admits no observer, and incorporates an extra dimension to encode space-time as a latent manifold. A cosmic engine fueled by dark energy that maintains the topology of the universe during its expansion, involving autocatalytic vacuum creation, is identified.

The physical picture of the cosmos presented in the book paves the way for a solution to the cosmological constant problem and provides a cogent explanation for the huge gap between the predicted and measured values that has troubled physicists for decades.

Ariel Fernández is an Argentine-American physical chemist and mathematician. He obtained a PhD in chemical physics from Yale University and held the Karl F. Hasselmann Endowed Chair Professorship in Bioengineering at Rice University until his retirement. He was also Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at the University of Chicago. To date, he has published approximately 500 scientific papers in professional journals including Nature, Nature Biotechnology, Physical Review Letters, Genome Research and Genome Biology. Fernández has also authored eight books on biophysics, molecular medicine, artificial intelligence, mathematical cosmology and mathematical physics, and holds several patents on technological innovation. Since 2018, Fernández has headed the Daruma Institute for Applied Intelligence, the research arm of AF Innovation, a consultancy firm based in Argentina and the US.

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