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Visualization and Critical Digital Pedagogies: Insights from Anthropology and Musicology

This comprehensive study of digital visualization brings together insights from the fields of anthropology and music analysis and explores their import for critical pedagogy and digital education. Anchored on an array of ethnographically informed examples of visualization, it discusses the cultural, educational and cognitive repercussions of our engagement with visually-centered research and teaching. The book offers a hands-on approach to experimental pedagogies attuned to the needs of researchers, educators and artists in the digital humanities who seek to open passageways between theory and praxis.

Anna Apostolidou is Assistant Professor of Social Anthropology at the Ionian University, Greece. Her research interests feature the anthropology of gender and sexuality, digital education, refugee online learning, surrogate motherhood, and experimental multimodal ethnography. She has published numerous journal articles and book chapters and is the author of five books, including Bodies that Mutter: Poetic Autoethnography and Digital Textuality (2022) and Reproducing Fictional Ethnographies: Surrogacy and Digitally Articulating Anthropological Knowledge (2022).

Michalis Cholevas is a musician, composer, and educator with a background in theoretical physics, jazz piano, and Byzantine and classical music. He has collaborated with several celebrated artists, has given concerts all around the world and is a founding member of the awarded music group Lingua Franca Ensemble. He has held a teaching position at Codarts University for the Arts, in the Netherlands, since 2008. His recent publications explore issues of improvisation, visualization and Makam analysis.

“This book curates the inspiring and creative dialogue between two old friends and thoroughly explains current challenges around the written word as a hegemonic source of knowledge. It artfully explores the potential of visual language as an epistemology that is particularly suited to analyse and understand everyday sensory experiences.”
Liesbet van Zoonen
Professor of Cultural Sociology, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands

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