Milestones in Powerful Adsorbents of Heavy-Metal Ions

Milestones in Powerful Adsorbents of Heavy-Metal Ions

Serious challenges instigated by pollution are driving research seeking feasible strategies for social, economic, and environmental sustainability. The fascinating science of selective adsorbents of heavy- or precious-metal pollutants such as lead, mercury, gold, and silver ions has attracted investigation by many capable materials scientists, chemists, and environmental engineers, resulting in rapidly increasing progress with time. This book reveals theoretical and practical information that will assist in the study, research, and innovations of effective adsorbents towards toxic and noble metal ions. It allows the reader to pursue an answer to this mystery through interdisciplinary scientific knowledge of material design, synthesis, and environmental purification of strong adsorbents, as has never been presented systematically before, demonstrating the nature of the unique molecular and morphological structures of the adsorbent and how to design and optimize molecular and material structures.

Professor Xin-Gui Li is Chang-Jiang Scholar and an educator at Tongji University, China. He has published one book, one book chapter, and over 200 papers in leading journals including Chemical Reviews, Progress in Materials Science, and the Chemical Engineering Journal. His recent research focuses on the molecular design and synthesis of conducting aromatic polymers for application including adsorbents.

Professor Mei-Rong Huang is a scientist and educator at Tongji University, China. She has published one book, one book chapter, and over 160 articles in international journals such as Progress in Materials Science, Chemical Reviews, and the Journal of Materials Chemistry. Her research interests include electrically conducting and aromatic polymer materials for water treatment, toxic metal removal, and noble metal recovery.

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Qiang Dou

Hao Feng

Zikai He

Yuan-Bo Jiang

Hiroshi Kyoto UniversityImahori

Xin-Gui Li

Sheng-Xian Li

Shu Li

Zhen-Yu Li

Hong-Jie Lu

Qiu-Feng Lű

Xiao-Li Ma

Tomoya Ohara

Qian-Yun Peng

Zhong-Hua Ren

Jin Sun

Tao Tao

Tomokazu Umeyama

Hai-Yan Wang

Su-Fen Xie

Jie Yu

Jie Yu

Jie Zeng

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