Procedure Notes for Interventional Pain Medicine Fellows

Procedure Notes for Interventional Pain Medicine Fellows

Writing interventional pain procedures can sometimes be difficult for beginner students in the field of pain medicine. This book targets mainly residents and interventional pain medicine fellows who are just starting their training, and will serve to make it easier for practitioners to quickly write notes. The book argues that one of the best ways of reviewing and preparing for a procedure is to read the procedure notes and to visualize how the procedure is done.

Dr Maasumi is board-certified as an interventional pain management physician, with expertise in treating pain due to spine related injuries. He is also board-certified as a neurologist and headache medicine specialist.

Sam Scire is a board-certified radiologic technologist specializing in computerised tomography (CT), interventional radiology, interventional pain management and healthcare administration. Prior to the development of interventional pain management fellowships, he assisted in both teaching and training physicians who entered the field.

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