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Assessing Organizational Diversity with the Smith and Wilson Indices

Assessing Organizational Diversity with the Smith and Wilson Indices provides a comprehensive and systematic assessment of the application of Simpson-based diversity indices to the workplace. It offers human resources practitioners and researchers in the nonprofit, private, and public sectors a hands-on guide on how to measure demographic and organizational diversity with the Hussein and Khan, Ray and Singer, Smith and Wilson, and Wilcox evenness indices. Examples of the application of the indices to employment data are provided throughout the book, while the text also illustrates the use of ordinary least squares, quantile, ridge, robust, and Tobit, regression methods to assess how organizational and workplace factors influence age, ethnicity, gender, and organizational diversity.

This book is part of a series. View the full series, "Assessing Diversity in Nonprofit, Private, and Public Organizations", here.

Salomón Alcocer Guajardo, PhD, is a management consultant, researcher, and former professor of non-profit and public management at several universities in the United States. He has held executive and senior management, research, and policy positions in the non-profit and public sectors, and has published over 25 articles on budgeting, organizational diversity, and organizational performance in leading peer-reviewed and trade journals. His current research focuses on the adaptation and application of diversity indices to organizational-based employment data.

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