Exploring Research in Sports Coaching and Pedagogy: Context and Contingency

This volume of abstracts provides an insight into the contested nature of sports coaching. Detailed, yet concise, this compilation of work recognises the importance of context and the socio-historical learning environments that coaches operate within. The text draws upon the work of a range of scholars varying from doctoral students, to leading international scholars, to provide a critical ‘snapshot’ of the current literature in sport coaching pedagogy. In doing so, this book outlines the challenges and potential developments of sports coaching as a discipline.

The gathering of such work provides an insight to a variety of research projects, proposals and findings, varying from professional football and rugby union academies to community coaching and martial arts. This is the first book to present such an array of research projects in this format and, as such, is essential reading for any serious students of sports coaching, sport pedagogy, and for practitioners looking to engage in the study of sports coaching.

Charles L. T. Corsby is a Lecturer in Sport Coaching at the Cardiff School of Sport and Health Sciences, Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK. His research interests relate to the everyday affairs of coaches to gain influence and control of others. To date, his work has drawn upon the work of Harold Garfinkel and ethnomethodology to explore coaches’ everyday interactions and observations.

Christian N. Edwards is a Senior Lecturer in Sports Coaching Science at the Cardiff School of Sport and Health Sciences, UK. Previously a professional football player, his doctoral work examined the sociological significance of humour and how it is used as a critical component in the negotiation of coaching relationships. His research interests relate to the sociological issues within sport, most notably that of coaches’ power and social interaction in the coaching context.

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