Energy, Climate and Tourism: A Dynamic Standardization Process for the Planet

This book approaches the issues of climate, energy, and tourism in an original way, illustrating the place of energy in contemporary society through examples taken from tourism. It ponders the ways in which negative effects can be controlled at the municipal or other local or regional levels, and provides a powerful answer: the implementation of tourism standards. It identifies and offers background to many normative texts dealing with the issues of energy, climate and tourism, making it easier to understand the works of standardisation bodies, such as the International Organization for Standardization and Eurostat.

Erick Leroux is Associate Professor at the University of Paris 13 – Sorbonne, and President of the International Association of Sustainable Tourism (AIMTD). He is an expert on environmental issues in France and the author of numerous books on sustainable tourism. His main research interests are innovation adoption and sustainable development strategies, including sustainable marketing.

Jean-Marc Lusson is a socio-economist of sustainable tourism. His research focuses on satellite accounts, balance of payments, nomenclatures and classifications, data analysis and additional externalities accounts. He also works on the modelling and analysis of territorial economic resilience factors.

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