The Theory of Phenomenological Structuralism

This work explores phenomenological structural sociology, specifically the use of phenomenological structuralism in an effort to resolve the structure/agency problematic of the social sciences within structurationist sociological theory. Through its analysis and critique of structurationist sociology, the underlying tenets of this problematic of the social sciences are outlined. The text goes on to synthesize Haitian and Vilokan idealism, phenomenology, Althusserian structural Marxism, quantum mechanics, and Ludwig Wittgenstein’s notion of language games in order to offer an alternative reading of the structure/agency problematic, which holds onto the notions of structure, duality, dualism, and the individual’s rational ability to choose to account for the constitution of the individual and society in the resource framework of the earth.

Paul C. Mocombe is a former Visiting Professor of Philosophy and Sociology at Bethune Cookman University, USA, and Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Sociology at West Virginia State University. He is also the current President/CEO of The Mocombeian Foundation, Inc. A social theorist interested in the application of social theory to contemporary issues such as race, class, and capitalism (globalization), he is the author of Jesus and the Streets; Race and Class Distinctions Within Black Communities; Language, Literacy, and Pedagogy in Postindustrial Societies; A Labor Approach to the Development of the Self or Modern Personality: The Case of Public Education, Education in Globalization; Mocombe’s Reading Room Series; and The Mocombeian Strategy: The Reason for, and Answer to Black Failure in Capitalist Education.

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