The Ocean’s Role in Climate Change

The principal focus of this book is the physical processes in the World Ocean which regulate the interannual-to-multidecadal natural variability of the climate system, and some key atmospheric and marine manifestations of this variability. It analyses a number of Atlantic and Indo-Pacific signals, and describes their regional atmospheric and marine manifestations. The role of the Ocean in the recent hiatus of global warming and the probability of abrupt climate change due to thermohaline catastrophe are also assessed. The book pays special attention to the change of parameters of synoptic atmospheric disturbances over the Northern Hemisphere and its sub-regions in different phases of the natural quasi-periodical climatic signals. It will appeal to oceanographers, climatologists, meteorologists, hydrologist, geographers and the general reader interested in the problem of climate change all over the globe, especially with regards to Eastern Europe and the Black Sea region.

Alexander Polonsky is Scientific Head of the Institute of Natural and Technical Systems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and Professor of Moscow State University (Sevastopol Branch) and Sevastopol State University. His interests cover oceanography, and global and regional climate changes and their consequences. He is the author of more than 250 publications including Large-Scale Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction and Its Impact on Global and Regional Climate Variability (2013).

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