Health and Safety for Spirit Seers, Telepaths and Visionaries: Self-help for Schizophrenia

This book provides a much-needed, positive, hopeful and holistic perspective on how to cope with schizophrenia. While 51 million people in the world are afflicted with this illness, self-help books on the topic are not in ample supply, and those that do exist are often very dark in outlook. This volume combines knowledge from previous studies, personal accounts, and scientific research today. Topics explored here include an overview on experiences with, and explanations for, schizophrenia; alternative and natural healing tips for psychosis and schizophrenia, including diet and orthomolecular medicine; an overview of alternative therapies; relationship and career advice; how to deal with emergencies; and how to recover after a period of psychosis, among others.

Dr Anna Cornelia Beyer is Senior Lecturer at the Department of Politics at the University of Hull. She has authored 27 articles and 6 monographs, including the books Inequality and Violence: A Re-appraisal of Man, the State and War and International Political Psychology: Explorations into a New Discipline. Her research interests are international relations, security and psychology.

“This thoughtful, comprehensive and well-researched book gives an insiders’ view on what it is like to experience psychosis, the pitfalls, how to avoid them and how to get better. It will be remarkably helpful for those caught up in the experience, covering all aspects—physical, emotional, spiritual and social, plus the wealth of possible ways to help recover using diet, supplements and medication intelligently to find your way out of the maze. Connie’s own experience and empathetic writing, backed up with a lifetime of real research undertaken in her own quest for wellness will serve as a beacon for others.”
Patrick Holford
Founder of Food for the Brain Foundation and the Brain Bio Centre; author of Optimum Nutrition for the Mind

"When I had started reading I could not stop. It is more than a self-help-book, Conny tried to talk to her readers, she tried to make one engaged with the own self. She widely opened up in this book, shared her many different attempts better and more mature to cope with the mostly unwanted thoughts and feelings she already had to experience too often in her life. [...] I am happy to recommend reading this book, at the first glance, to affected individuals suffering from schizophrenic symptoms. However, their relatives and friends, professionals of every kind and on every administrative or managerial level, who are engaged with individuals with schizophrenia, will beneficially read this book and gain much stimulation and a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of what it might mean to live with this condition. If I would be suffering from schizophrenic symptoms, I am sure that I would read this book not only once. It could become my guidance for living with this condition for a long time."

Prof. em. Dr. phil. habil. Dr. h.c. Jörg Richter, Clinical psychologist and licenced psychological therapist in Germany, Norway and the UK with more than 30 years of clinical experience in the treatment of adult individuals suffering from the whole spectrum of psychiatric disorders; professor emeritus, University of Hull (UK), visiting professor at University of Umea (Sweden), member of the faculty of philosophy, University of Rostock (Germany)

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