Teaching Grammar to a Grammar-Free Generation

This is a unique book that covers innovative grammar teaching approaches and techniques for a modern generation of EFL/ESL students. It juxtaposes traditional grammar teaching methods with newer ones, and reveals the advantages and disadvantages of each. Moreover, it provides free and controlled grammar activities which offer instructors an ample variety of tasks that facilitate EFL/ESL teachers’ work to practice certain grammatical patterns.

Dr Tamilla Mammadova received her PhD from the University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Her publications include “The Treatment of English Conversation Grammar in Modern Advanced EFL Textbooks” and “Two Approaches to the Teaching of Grammar and Their Implications”, as well as the book chapter “How is Grammar Presented in Modern Textbooks? Methods and Techniques Used”. She currently works in the Department of General Education at the ADA University, Azerbaijan, and is a member of the SPERTUS research group in Spain. Her research interests include the evaluation of language teaching materials, corpora, the use of technology in modern classes, writing and information literacy, and spoken English.

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