Trees and the Human Spirit

This volume presents a treatise on trees and how they relate to the human spirit. Through its in-depth discussion of the meaning of trees, a need for a shift in thinking becomes clear. Historically, people in dominant cultures have viewed trees as resources to be used and forests as obstacles to such endeavors as farming and ranching. This publication presents a different view of trees and forests, one calling for a shift from domination and irreverence to respect and care—even kinship.

While the text includes a discussion about some of the amazing characteristics of trees, the primary focus here is on the philosophical meaning of, and emotional connections with, trees. Its integration of disciplines and the recognition of different ways of knowing will make this book appealing to a wide variety of readers.

Ruth Wilson, PhD, is a Professor Emerita at Bowling Green State University, USA, and Curator of the Research Library of the Children and Nature Network. She also serves as consulting editor for the International Journal of Early Childhood Environmental Education, and is the author of several books, including Learning is in Bloom and Nature and Young Children. Her work has been published widely in various academic journals, often addressing topics relating to children and nature. She has worked as an educational consultant with Sesame Street, California’s Education and Environment Initiative, and Brookfield Zoo, among other organizations. She is a recipient of a life-time achievement award from the Arbor Day Foundation for her work in connecting young children with nature.

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