From Education to Life: A Review of Its Role and Tasks

This book contributes to ongoing discussions on the important role of education and on the challenging tasks facing educators today. Drawing on their long, vast and varied experience as educators, administrators and scholars, the authors deal specifically with certain fundamental issues with a view to engaging those involved in education in an examination of what underlies educational theory and practice. The book shows that education is not simply about attending school, academic institutions or any other establishment of learning or training, but, rather, is a process that looks further than the time spent learning lessons, attending lectures, doing research, acquiring knowledge, honing skills, or developing competence, important and crucial as these activities are to human development. Its greatest challenge and purpose come, instead, from life itself. For this reason, this book is about education as preparing us to live a more fulfilled life, and as a process that lasts a lifetime. All those involved in education at all stages and in various capacities will find this book both beneficial and engaging.

Marian F. Sia was Assistant Principal and Teacher of English Literature at Terenure College, Dublin, Ireland. She and Santiago Sia have co-written a number of academic books, philosophical novels and research papers.

Santiago Sia was Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy at Milltown Institute (National University of Ireland), Dublin, Ireland, having been Professor of Philosophy at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, USA, for several years. He is also the author and editor of several scholarly books and journal articles, and is an international lecturer.

“Education can never be disengaged from life because education is life. This is a timely must-read book for any educator who struggles to find an engaging purpose in teaching and learning.”
Jesus Jay Miranda, OP
Professor of Education, Secretary-General, University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines

“The authors bring us back to our feet, there where intelligence really counts, where integral wisdom merges with our day-to-day concerns, ensuring a meaningful future for all the generations to come. A book everybody in this age and time should quietly read and digest, with gratitude.”
Romualdo Abulad, SVD
Professor of Philosophy and Dean of Studies, Divine Word Mission Seminary, Manila, Philippines

“Replete with valuable insights and lessons from their rich experiences as educators and from the wisdom of great thinkers of both East and West, this timely and stimulating book is a penetrating exploration of the real meaning of education within the context of today’s globalizing world spurred by the demands of the market and marked by secularization. A must-read for those who are in the field of education but also for anyone who cares about the future and destiny of our young people.”
Ryan Urbano
Chair of Philosophy, University of San Carlos, Cebu, Philippines

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