Economic Value Added for Competitive Advantage: A Case of Indian Enterprises

Economic Value Added (EVA®) has been a much discussed concept that has assisted in the turnaround of a number of multinational enterprises across the world. It is based upon the theory of ‘economic profit’ that enables companies to capture and create wealth both for themselves and their stakeholders. The strategic decisions of performance and posturing can be grounded upon gaining competitive advantage through mapping economic profits. Existing studies on competitive advantage primarily discuss the meaning, definitions, and sources thereof. However, there are few contributions that discuss how competitive advantage can be measured specifically with respect to Indian companies. This book bridges that gap and advocates that the EVA® can be used to measure and establish the competitive advantage for Indian firms. It is based upon an in-depth study of such companies to explore the extent of use of EVA® in the top BT500 companies in India. It shows that the companies that use EVA® have a distinct competitive advantage over their competitors.

Dr Saurabh is a Faculty Member for Strategy and Marketing in the School of Business at Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, India. With a PhD in the field of Strategic Development, he has more than fifteen years of experience in academia, industry and consulting. His teaching interests include strategy, entrepreneurship, small and medium-sized enterprises, and marketing. His publications include the journal articles “Constituents of Competitiveness”, “Influence of Innovation Competence on Firm-Level Competitiveness” and “Technology-driven Competitiveness in Agro-food Processing”. He also provides consultation to various firms with regards to the designing of business models and processes for strategic advantages, market research, and project formation. He is currently the Managing Editor of the biannual peer-reviewed journal Arth Anveshan.

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