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Critical Essays on Literature, Language, and Aesthetics: A Volume in Honour of Milind Malshe

This volume of critical essays explores various facets of the social sciences and humanities from an interdisciplinary perspective. The essays gathered here have been culled from different aspects of humanities research in order to widen the scope of research possibilities. The dialogic mode in which the essays are arranged lends a unique texture to the book. This volume will be of interest to researchers, academics and even the casual reader with an interest in the humanities. The rich array of topics covered here gives an inkling of the range of Professor Milind Malshe’s research interests and his academic associations in his career as a scholar and mentor. The different sections in this volume engage in a performance of sorts, allowing a free play of many voices—identified as the core to teaching and research in the humanities.

Arnapurna Rath teaches Literature in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at the Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India. Her research interests include comparative literature, Bakhtin studies, South Asian narratives, and digital humanities, with a specific focus on fictional narratives. She was the recipient of the Excellence in Thesis Award of the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay in 2012 for her doctoral research on the corpus of Amitav Ghosh’s novels and Bakhtin’s concept of the chronotope.

Chandrani Chatterjee teaches English Studies at the Department of English of Savitribai Phule Pune University (formerly known as the University of Pune), India. Her research interests include translation studies, comparative literature, history of the book, gender studies, the Renaissance and Shakespeare studies, among others. She was the recipient of the Fulbright Fellowship to the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA, in 2012-13.

Saroja Ganapathy is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Design Innovation Centre of the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, having previously worked as Assistant Professor of English at Ruia College, Mumbai. She is a content writer, researcher and English language trainer, and recently completed her doctoral research in the area of literary and cultural studies, with a focus on representations of music in literature. Her research interests include literature and the other arts, musical traditions in India and English Language Teaching.

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