How Life Emerges from Inanimate Matter: From Atoms to a Living Individual

This book describes how the phenomenon of life emerges gradually from the elements of inanimate matter. It shows that, first, this transition occurs in space, when we move from elementary particles and atoms, through molecules and their complexes, cells, tissues and organs to entire individuals. Second, this transition also happened (and is still happening) in time, during biological evolution, when the first living systems originated spontaneously from organic compounds and then evolved step by step through bacteria to plants, animals and us. Third, the embryonic development from a fertilized egg to an adult individual occurs both in space and time. This book is unique as it analyzes all three processes in terms of their physical, chemical, biochemical, thermodynamic, energetic, genetic, cellular, physiological, embryological, evolutionary and cybernetic aspects.

Bernard Korzeniewski, PhD, is a scientist dealing with the computer modeling of the skeletal muscle and heart bioenergetic system. However, his additional interests include biological evolution, the origin and definition of life, the thermodynamic basis of life, and the evolution of the universe, among many others. He has published two books in English, six books in Polish and over 100 scientific and philosophical articles. He has worked at the Jagiellonian University, Poland, practised at Cambridge University, and been a visiting professor at Bordeaux University and Kyoto University. He is currently working on the development of BioSimulation Center, a private, non-profit company.

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