Neural and Circulatory Monitoring of Cognition

Neural and Circulatory Monitoring of Cognition

This book demonstrates the importance of cognitive research, and stresses that much can be achieved in this field with even the simplest of equipment. The book offers explanations of electroencephalography and rheoencephalography.

Leslie David Montgomery of LDM Associates, San Jose, CA was awarded a PhD in engineering and human factors from UCLA. Later, he received three post-doctoral fellowships. He directed and was involved in many physiology research projects over many years. Most of the research was in biomedical work using measurements for blood flow involving a wide range of applications.

Richard W. Montgomery, Corvallis, OR was awarded a PhD in economic development and econometrics from Oklahoma State University. He worked for Aramco (the Arabian American Oil Company) in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia for 8 years. He eventually started working with his brother (Leslie Montgomery), studying how cognitive stress impacts brain waves at NASA. They also did work monitoring kidney patients during dialysis sessions.

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