The Place of Poetics within Documentary Filmmaking: The Art of Fact

This collection aims to give insight to the reader as to how poetic approaches to documentary filmmaking have helped to develop the documentary form into a rich and diverse way of representing the real world in film. As such, it is the aesthetics of documentary filmmaking that becomes the primary focus of discussion within this collection.

The majority of the chapters are written by documentary filmmakers who give insight into how poetics have influenced their own approach to documentary filmmaking, while other chapters are written by film scholars who analyse the work of others, in order to uncover how poetics are manifested in existing documentary films. This book will be of interest to those who produce documentary films, as well as those who have an interest in the work of other documentary filmmakers.

Keith Marley is a documentary filmmaker and senior lecturer at Liverpool John Moores University, where he is Programme Leader of the MA Film programme. Keith is particularly interested in representing place, and much of his research and film work has focused on developing innovative representational strategies in documentary filmmaking that can be adopted as ways of capturing the atmosphere of a particular location. He has a keen interest in how actuality sound can be used in creative ways to provide rich deeps of meaning in documentary filmmaking. His previous documentary films include: A Film About Nice (2010), Mill Study (2017), The Mill (2021), and fleur de sel (2022).

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Kyle Barrett

Jeremy Bubb

Geoffrey Cox

Hasmik Gasparyan

Jacqui Griffin

Martin Hall

Martin Holtz

Tom Kirby

Keith Marley

Treasa O'Brien

Julie Patarin-Jossec

David Spittle

Karen Deborah Thornton

Edward Tristram

Huw Wahl

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