The Story of Offshore Arctic Engineering

In the early 1970s, new technology was needed to aid in coal, oil and gas exploration in the High Arctic, in order to see if ice sheets could provide a perfect structural support for roadways, airstrips and drilling platforms housing hundreds of workers. However, little engineering experience was available in this regard.

This book uniquely relates the human history and the technical innovations developed in this harsh environment through research, testing, and applying many existing engineering principles to ice structure analysis. It offers essential insights into the history of ice engineering for designers, university educators and postgraduate students. While other studies detail research and testing in the laboratory, this text relates the testing, development, construction and use of ice in real construction conditions.

Dan Masterson received a Doctoral Degree in Civil Engineering from Queen’s University, Canada, in 1972, which led to work with the Foundation Company of Canada on breakthrough structural engineering analysis of ice strength. He has combined his engineering background and practical farming approach in his work on ice construction tests and design methods. He is also the author of over a hundred research papers on Arctic testing, theory and practical applications.

"This book is an interesting story about the life work of the author, who did more innovative work in using ice as a building material in the arctic for the benefit of oil exploration than any other person. When oil exploration starts up again in the arctic offshore, this book will be a must-read for anyone who works in this area. The book is also an interesting and useful read for students currently in arctic engineering, and a good read for anyone interested in the arctic. The book is a great credit to his life work, and he should be very proud of his achievements. Few people work in arctic engineering, but Dan is unique in the number of innovative ideas that he and his colleagues pioneered, which allowed oil companies to drill in remote areas of the arctic in the most economical manner. Dan’s book is an excellent account of the work that he did."

– Roger Pilkington

"Masterson, a pioneer in Offshore Arctic Engineering, has written a book that should be read by all interested in this field of endeavor. The Story of Offshore Arctic Engineering is written in a narrative style and is part professional biography and part technical reference book. I have know Dan and his work for over 3 decades, although our technical disciplines are different, he a civil/structural engineer and I am a naval architect and ocean engineer, we came together under the Arctic offshore engineering umbrella with a small cadre of colleagues who were able to enjoy the excitement and challenges of working on projects at both geographical and technical frontiers. Dan’s book brought back great memories of these times."

-Peter Noble

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