Seaweeds of the Southeast Coast of India: Their Diversity and a Field Guide for Their Identification

The term ‘seaweed’ represents an assemblage of a diverse group of photosynthetic aquatic plants that are exceptionally unique in their form, function, structure, and biochemical composition. In Far East Asian countries, seaweeds are popularly utilised in human food preparations, in addition to being used as a source of raw material for the extraction of industrially important phycocolloids and agro-based products. More recently, there has been growing interest in the application of seaweed ingredients in beauty and novelty food products, nutraceuticals, bioplastics, and beverages, among others, as well as its potential as a source for biofuels

Seaweed, though it is a primitive plant, has complex morphological structure, meaning species-level identification of an individual seaweed is a difficult task. This volume describes the identification characteristics of 256 seaweed species collected from the south-east coast of India; comprising 71 species of green algae (chlorophyceae), 46 species of brown algae (phaeophyceae) and 139 species of red algae (rhodophyceae). Key taxonomic characteristics detailed here allow the confirmation of identification of different kinds of seaweed. As such, the book forms an excellent field guide for beginners in seaweed research, marine botanists, students, researchers, divers, and anyone who has interest in knowing more about seaweeds.

Dr M. Ganesan is a Principal Scientist at the Marine Algal Research Station, Mandpam, India. His current work focuses on the commercial-scale production of Kappaphycus alvarzii seedlings through tissue culture and agarophytes seedling production through spore culture. His publications include 70 research articles.

Dr C. R. K. Reddy is currently CEO of the Centre for Climate and Societal Impact Research, India. His core expertise lies in the cellular biotechnology of seaweeds for genetic improvement and micro-propagation of economically important seaweeds. He is the author of 86 journal articles, 18 book chapters, and two books, and is the editor of one volume.

Dr K. Eswaran, is a Senior Principal Scientist at the Marine Algal Research Station, Mandpam, India He has immensely contributed to developing technology for the cultivation of Kappaphycus alvarezii in India, and has published more than 45 journal articles.

Professor Bhavanath Jha is a former Chief Scientist and Divisional Chair of Marine Biotechnology and Ecology at the Central Salt and Marine Chemicals Research Institute, India. His scientific interest is in the areas of molecular biology, marine biotechnology, stress genomics, gene mining and translational research. He has 275 research publications to his credit, and is a Fellow of the Indian National Science Academy, the National Academy of Science, India, and the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, India.

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