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The Representation of the Relationship between Center and Periphery in the Contemporary Novel

This collection of essays offers a comparative perspective on different forms of representation of social hybridity in contemporary novels through various cultural and linguistic lenses. It explores the various subcategories of their interdependent relationships, including power and domination between hegemony and marginality. The book revolves around five axes: namely, writing strategies and reterritorialization; marginality and intermediary spaces; revisited urban spaces; when periphery becomes center; and the modality of confrontation and construction of identity.

It focuses on the identification and classification of spaces in order to understand their function in relation to the thematic strategy of the novel. Its main objective is identifying the textual representation of the challenge of center and periphery, as well as these concepts’ role and significance in diegesis. Thus, new light is shed on the subject and on the contemporary novel as a whole.

Ruth Amar is Associate Professor at the University of Haifa, Israel, where she teaches in the Department of Comparative Literature. She has published a large number of articles on the French contemporary novel, including the work of Tahar Ben Jelloun, Michel Tournier, Andrée Chédid, Silvie Germain, Patrick Modiano, Michel Houellebecq, among others. She is the author of Les structures de la solitude dans l’œuvre de J.M.G. Le Clézio (2004); Tahar Ben Jelloun: Les Stratégies narratives, (2005); and Bonheur: Quête et représentation dans le roman français contemporain (2016). She is also the co-author of Utopie: mémoire et imaginaire, actes du colloque (2008) and Le monde d’Alain Bosquet (2009), and the editor of L’Écriture du bonheur dans le roman contemporain, textes réunis et édités (2011).

Françoise Saquer-Sabin is Full Professor of Hebrew Literature at the University of Lille, France, where she is also Head of the Department of Hebrew Studies. She has published a large number of articles and chapters on modern Hebrew literature. Her main fields of research focus on the representation of otherness in the Hebrew contemporary novel and on feminine writing in Israel. She is author of Le Personnage de l’Arabe palestinien dans la littérature hébraïque du xxe siècle (2002) and Nouvelles hébraïques d’aujourd’hui – Espaces et Territoires – Pouvoirs et Marginalités (2017). She is the editor of several collections of essays on the contemporary Near East, including, among others, Regards sur le Proche-Orient – éclaté, complexe, paradoxal (2016).

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