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Politics of Conflict and Cooperation in Eurasia

This volume studies the contemporary dynamics of conflict and cooperation within Eurasia with reference to interdependencies, partnerships and contestations on regional security, energy, democratic transition, and trade. Its key concern, in a broader sense, is, therefore, to understand the various outcomes of post-Soviet regional transformation and the intra- and inter-regional integrative or dismantling interaction making the regional countries hopeful or pessimistic about the future of their immediate and extended neighbourhood within contemporary Eurasia.

The contributions here unfold the contemporary strategies of individual states with regards to cooperation, on the one hand, and the unavoidable conflicts in both bilateral relations and on a regional level, on the other. The chapters examine, with reference to central Eurasia, the root causes and the transitive character of conflict and cooperation, regional security dynamics and competing security complexes, and rising powers’ increasing involvement in the equation favouring cooperation via trade.

As such, this book provides a better understanding of both the issues and the challenges the wider Eurasian region is currently experiencing.

Ozgur Tufekci is Assistant Professor of International Relations at Karadeniz Technical University, Turkey. He is also the founder and Director-General of CESRAN International, a UK-based think-tank. He holds an MA in International Studies from the University of Sheffield, and a PhD in Sociology and International Relations from Coventry University, UK.

Husrev Tabak is currently Assistant Professor at Recep Tayyip Erdogan University, Turkey. He completed his PhD in Politics at the University of Manchester and his MA in Politics and Sociology at University College London, UK. His research interests include ethnicity, ethno-politics, and foreign policy analysis.

Rahman Dag is Assistant Professor at Adiyaman University, Turkey. He obtained his BA from Istanbul Yeditepe University, Turkey, before graduating from the School of Orient and African Studies (SOAS), UK. He received a PhD in Middle East Politics from the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies at Exeter University, UK. He is one of the founding members of CESRAN International, a UK-based think-tank.

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