The Explicit and the Implicit in Language and Speech

Our ability to acquire a language – one of the most complex semiotic systems – is stunning. However, to describe and explain even a small fraction of this system and of this ability is a great challenge.

This book brings together modified papers of seventeen university scholars from Belarus, Germany, Russia and Lithuania originally presented at an international conference held in Minsk, Belarus, in 2017, on different hidden and implicit aspects of language and the ways of disclosing and explicating them. Language is understood by them differently as a cognitive ability, a specific semiotic structure interwoven with culture, and a discourse.

This book will be of great interest to a wide range of linguist-theoreticians, specialists in applied linguistics, and the general reader with an interest in understanding what exactly language is.

Liudmila Liashchova is Professor and Chair of the Department of General Linguistics at Minsk State Linguistic University, Belarus, having received a DSc in Linguistics from the same institution. She has held IREX (1994) and Fulbright (2011) fellowships, and carried out research at Brandeis University, USA, under the supervision of Professor Ray Jackendoff, and at Duke University, USA. Her research interests are general linguistics, lexical semantics, English lexicology and language acquisition. She is the author of more than 120 publications, including the monograph Leksičeskaya polisemia v kognitivnom aspekte [Lexical Polysemy in the Cognitive Aspect] (2014), the textbook English Lexicology (2016), and a number of textbooks in English grammar and English for Specific Purposes.

“The papers collected in the book highlight problems, which form three obvious groups. The first group of discussed questions is connected with the cognitive aspects of language, the second one with the social aspects and the third one incorporates papers dealing with the communicative aspects of language. It vividly shows that there are neither boundaries nor boarders between the scholars from different countries who are united by the idea of establishing mutual communication, of description different types of human activity, who make thorough and innovating analysis of language and speech.”
Professor Nataliya Panasenko
University of SS Cyril and Methodius, Trnava, Slovakia

“The contributors to the manual prove their high proficiency level, touch upon the most vivid and topical issues in present-day linguistics, and pinpoint the most promising points of the theory of explicitness/implicitness.”
Professor Alexander D. Petrenko
Crimean V.I. Vernadsky Federal University

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