Methods of Using Geoinformation Technologies in Mining Engineers’ Training

Mining engineers or engineers of mining operations are today engaged in mining iron, nonferrous, rare metals, manganese and uranium ores, coal and other nonmetallic minerals. In the current environment, mining enterprises’ sustainability has become a priority and calls for conducting mining operations according to accepted emission limit values and radiation and environmental safety provisions, among other guidelines. This book highlights the problem of ensuring a future mining engineer’s environmental competence.

Vladimir Morkun, DSc, is a Member of the Academy of Mining Sciences of Ukraine, Corresponding Member of the International Academy of Computer Sciences, and Vice Rector for Research at Kryvyi Rih National University, Ukraine. As an active academic researcher with wide research interests in mineral procession, ultrasound application in mining, and geoinformation technologies, he has authored and co-authored over 417 papers, and has 18 international and Ukrainian patents and more than 50 inventor’s certificates. He is the chief editor of the international scientific e-journal Computer Science, Information Technology, Automation. He is also a co-editor of several Ukrainian professional journals.

Serhiy Semerikov, DSc, is Full Professor and Head of the Engineering Pedagogics and Language Training Department of Kryvyi Rih National University, Ukraine. His research interests include applied mathematics and informatics and computer sciences. He is the author of more than 385 papers, conference articles and book chapters.

Svitlana Hryshchenko, PhD, is Head of the Scientific and Technical Information Department of Kryvyi Rih National University, Ukraine. Her research interests are focused on geoinformation technologies application in education. She has published 46 journal and conference articles, and is a regular speaker at conferences and academic institutions.

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Svitlana Hryshchenko

Vladimir Morkun

Sergey Semerikov

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