Philosophical Essays on Ugo Nespolo's Art and Cinema

An indefatigable experimenter with new creative possibilities. With his work, the Italian artist Ugo Nespolo (1941-) has given shape to a poetics that stands out in the contemporary art scene by existing on the border between avant-garde and pop. He has experimented in almost every field of art, in and out of different screens, from paintings to installations and cinema.

This book is a collection of philosophical essays that analyse Nespolo’s poetics from different theoretical perspectives, focused in particular on his artworks and films. The book consists of three sections. The first includes essays dedicated to Nespolo’s works that fall within the visual arts. The second presents contributions that investigate his cinema and some of his films. The third section concludes the book with two interviews conducted at different stages of Nespolo’s career, which tackle some of the key themes of his poetics, offering a direct insight into his theoretical reflection.

Davide Dal Sasso holds Master’s degrees in Philosophy and Art History. He received his PhD in Philosophy from the University of Turin, Italy. His research is focused on the relationship between philosophy, aesthetics, and contemporary art, with a particular interest in questions concerning conceptualism and the role of practices in arts. He edited the new edition of Ermanno Migliorini’s Conceptual Art (2014) and Ugo Nespolo e la filosofia. Avanguardia, cinema, immagini (2015).

Daniela Angelucci is Associate Professor of Aesthetics at the University of Roma Tre, Italy. She studies aesthetics and philosophy of art, particularly philosophy of film. Her early work explored phenomenological aesthetics and philosophy of literature. Her publications include L’oggetto poetico (2004); Estetica e cinema (2009); Deleuze e i concetti del cinema (2012), translated into English as Deleuze and the Concepts of Cinema (2014); and Filosofia del cinema (2013).

The volume collects the contributions by: Tiziana Andina, Adam Andrzejewski, Daniela Angelucci, Enrico Baj, Carola Barbero, Elisa Caldarola, Timothy Campbell, Davide Dal Sasso, Vittorio Fagone, Maurizio Ferraris, Andrea Mecacci, Eduarda Neves, Francesco Poli, Paul Sutton, Enrico Terrone and Gianni Vattimo.

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Tiziana Andina

Adam Andrzejewski

Daniela Angelucci

Enrico Baj

Carola Barbero

Elisa Caldarola

Timothy Campbell

Davide Dal Sasso

Maurizio Ferraris

Andrea Mecacci

Eduarda Neves

Francesco Poli

Paul Sutton

Enrico Terrone

Gianni Vattimo

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