Learning from Empire: Medicine, Knowledge and Transfers under Portuguese Rule

Internationalisation of medical knowledge, its circulation and implementation through colonial institutions have played a significant role in combating diseases of public health importance. With contributions from reputed faculty and researchers, this volume examines the dynamics of circulation of medical knowledge and the creation of webs of empire through medical curiosities, medical and architectural knowledge, medical manuscripts, African agency, medical ideas and management of diseases, surgical and anatomical knowledge and a collective scientific enterprise in translating ‘local’ to ‘universal’ paradigms of practice.

Poonam Bala is currently a Visiting Scholar in Sociology at Cleveland State University, USA, and a Fellow in History at the University of South Africa. She has published extensively on social history of medicine and empires, and her recent publications include Medicine and Colonial Engagements in India and Sub-Saharan Africa (2018) and Medicine and Colonialism: Historical Perspectives in India and South Africa (2016).

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