The Application of CNN and Hybrid Networks in Medical Images Processing and Cancer Classification

This book is devoted to the problems of information technologies (IT) and artificial intelligence methods applied to medical image processing, tumour detection and cancer classification in different human organs, including the breasts, lungs and brain. The most efficient modern tools in the problem of medical images processing and analysis are considered- convolutional neural networks (CNN). The main goal of this book is to present and analyze new perspective architectures of CNN aimed to increase accuracy of cancer classification. This book contains new approaches for improving efficiency of cancer detection in comparison with known CNN structures. The numerous experimental investigations proved their better efficiency by different classification criteria as compared with known.

This book will be useful to specialists engaged in IT applications in medicine, dealing with development and application of medical diagnostics systems, students and postgraduates in Computer Science, all persons who are interested in IT applications in medicine, medical personnel engaged in malignant tumour diagnostics and cancer detection, and the wider public interested in the problems of cancer diagnostics that desire to extend their knowledge of prospective IT methods and their effectively solutions.

Yuriy Zaychenko is a professor at the Institute for Applied System Analysis, KPI. He is the organizer and co-chairman of the international conferences “Computational Intelligence” in Ukraine. He is author to more than 150 works, 12 monographs and tutorials. He has developed a method of optimization of new generation computer networks, and in 2011, he obtained the Ukrainian state Award in the field of science and technology.

Galib Hamidov is an IT Director with a PhD from the Baku Institute of Information Technology. He is the author of three books and 30 articles relating to the fields of IT and computing.

Bohdan Chapaliuk has extensive experience in the industry with a PhD in the field of Computer Science from the National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” (NTUU KPI). He is the author of more than six papers in the field of artificial intelligence, and in 2018 and 2019, he was a scientific secretary at IEEE International Conference on System Analysis and Intelligent Computing (SAIC).

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