The Complex Architecture and Healing of Traumatic Brain Injuries: Listening to the Brain

This book explores the complex architecture and healing ecology involved in the treatment of traumatic brain injuries. This book also includes explorations of other maladies of the brain and mind (including strokes, brain infections, and serious mental illnesses, among others). Each chapter presents a different case study, using doctor-patient dialogues as a way of understanding both the injury and its treatment. This is a ground-breaking approach to understanding and healing insults and disruptions to the brain’s ability to function effectively. The book also emphasizes that injuries to the brain and mind are far more prevalent than has previously been recognized. It also places particular emphasis on the process of putting a person’s “sense of self” back together following these types of injuries – which is no easy task!

Dr Leighton J. Reynolds has a doctorate in psychoanalytic studies. He is a certified and licensed psychoanalyst working in the greater Los Angeles area, and practices telemedicine worldwide. The focus of his practice in neuro-psychoanalysis addresses psycho-social trauma (PTSD and C-PTSD) and all types of injuries and insults to the brain and mind. He is the author of the chapter ‘The Complex Architecture of a Traumatic Brain Injury’ in Topics in Surgical Trauma (2023). He is also the author of the fiction series ‘Moon Over Seaville’ (2020, 2021).

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