Culture and Technology Integration in Higher Education: An Ethnographic Study in China

This book investigates universities’ technology implementation from a cultural perspective. Through an ethnographic study conducted in a Chinese university, the book examines the impact of culture on teachers’ technology adoption at multiple levels, focusing on pedagogical beliefs (personal level), collegial culture (interpersonal level) and managerial culture (institutional level). The finding reveals how culture influenced teachers’ perception, interpretation and engagement with technology, thereby upsetting the university’s efforts to change. With the wholesale, top-down adoption of education technology in the COVID-19 context, this book is a timely treatise on a global understanding of culture’s meaning in change implementation. The culturally anchored issues documented in this book will shed light on the formulation of effective change strategies that focus on the minds of people, and will be especially useful for those who strive to forge a more successful and sustainable future of higher education with technology.

Dr Ling LI received her PhD in education from the University of Cambridge. She is now a post-doctoral Fellow at East China Normal University. Her research focuses on technology-enhanced learning and educational big data. She has much experience working with school and university teachers, through conducting teacher training courses and teacher-researcher collaborations on ICT pedagogies. She has published several academic papers exploring emerging technologies that enable new forms of teaching, learning, and assessment.

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