Legal Machine Translation Explained: MT in Legal Contexts

Legal Machine Translation Explained: MT in Legal Contexts

Machine translation (MT) has made huge strides in the last few decades. In the legal field, however, there are only a few academic works dedicated to exploring how MT can be successfully applied in legal translation practice. There is currently a gap in the literature that concerns studies on the automated translation of legal documents drawn up by international law firms and/or tackled by legal translators. This book bridges this gap by providing an in-depth analysis of MT in legal practice. It explores whether, and to what extent, MT can be considered reliable, or at least acceptable, in the legal field and in legal practice. It investigates whether MT target texts can be used as drafts to be processed further (i.e., post-edited), how we might tackle MT’s shortcomings, and how MT tools could be supplemented with other language resources.

Patrizia Giampieri is an adjunct professor of English at the School of Law of the University of Camerino (MC, Italy). Her PhD thesis focused on the creation and consultation of legal corpora composed of corporate documents for translation purposes. She is a registered translator and interpreter for the Court of Perugia (Italy). She has authored books and academic papers on English as a second language, legal English and legal translation, corpus-based translation, machine translation, audiovisual translation, tourism translation, and English for Special Purposes.

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