A Managerial Perspective on Physical Education and Sports

A Managerial Perspective on Physical Education and Sports

This book presents the theory of classical management and integrates novelties brought by technology such as agile management, neuroscience principles as applied to leadership, blockchain, IoT (Internet of Things), cloud computing, AI. The book also provides detailed methodology of training management, detailed issues of quality and financial management regarding the teaching process in physical education and sports, and a vast perspective on management and resources in national and international sport federations, management of conflict and corruption in sport, competitive balance in sport, corporate social responsibility in sport. It also includes new case studies from the physical education and sports field.

The book highlights the importance of experienced managers in physical education and sport regarding the entry of students into the field.

Dr Rocsana Bucea-Manea-Țoniș is professor of management and marketing at the National University of Physical Education and Sports, Bucharest, Romania. She was Director of the management program at Spiru Haret University (SHU), with international experience in Erasmus projects and mobilities. She was also a Web of Scienceeditor. She is physiotherapist practicing at the American Red Cross Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy Center, Florida, USA.

Dr Dan Păun is a university football professor at Spiru Haret University, Bucharest, Romania. He has led several football teams (SHU, CSA Steaua-Bucharest, CS Popești-Leordeni). He is referent and coach within the Romanian Football Federation and National Football Academy.

Dr Veronica Mîndrescu teaches recovery methods and techniques in the field of performance sports and methods and techniques for evaluating the motor capacity of people with disabilities. She is President and Executive Director of a sport non-profit organization. She participated in the European Wheelchair Handball Championships and has organized international wheelchair handball tournaments.

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