Underwater Worlds: Submerged Visions in Science and Culture

Underwater Worlds throws open a new area in the emerging field of “blue” environmental humanities by exploring how subaqueous environments have been imagined and represented across cultures and media. The collection pursues this theme through various disciplinary perspectives and methodologies, including history, literary and film criticism, myth studies, legal studies and the history of art. The essays suggest that, since the nineteenth century, technologies of underwater exploration have generated novel sensory experiences that have destabilized conventional modes of representation and influenced new aesthetic forms from fiction and television to virtual reality. The collection also examines how representations of underwater environments have reflected and critiqued humans’ relationships with marine ecology and life-forms. It reflects on the deeper cultural and symbolic resonances of mythical figures such as mermaids, sea monsters and the ghosts of drowned seafarers. The contributions further reveal myriad political, ideological, gendered and racial dimensions of representing underwater environments.

Will Abberley is Senior Lecturer in Victorian Literature at the University of Sussex. He is the author of English Fiction and the Evolution of Language, 1850-1914 (2015) and articles in Victorian Studies, the Journal of Victorian Culture, Critical Quarterly and 19: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Long Nineteenth Century.

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Michelle K. Barron

Kelly Bushnell

Michaela Castellanos

Massimiliano Gaudiosi

Silvia Granata

Kyrie Miranda

Robert Stone

Nathan Timpano

Emma Zuroski

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