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Music and Sonic Art: Theories and Practices

This volume brings together practitioners and theorists of music and sonic art. Contributions explore a wide range of historical, artistic, pedagogical and critical issues from multiple perspectives, emphasizing the continuities and links along a broad spectrum of hearing and listening practices and art-making that use sound.

Mine Doğantan-Dack is a concert pianist and a leading figure in a new generation of artists who are also academic researchers. She studied at the Juilliard School and holds a PhD from Columbia University, USA. Her books include Mathis Lussy: A Pioneer in Studies of Expressive Performance (2002), and the edited volumes Recorded Music: Philosophical and Critical Reflections (2002) and Artistic Practice as Research in Music (2015). She currently teaches Performance and Performance Studies at the University of Cambridge.

John Dack studied Music and Philosophy at the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels. He is currently a Senior Lecturer at Middlesex University, UK. He is the co-translator of Pierre Schaeffer’s In Search of a Concrete Music and Treatise on Musical Objects. His current research interests include the history, theory and analysis of electroacoustic music, the music and works of the Groupe de Recherches Musicales, and open forms in music.

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