The Politics of Traumatic Literature: Narrating Human Psyche and Memory

This book is a collection of essays offering an inside view into the inner analysis of traumatic literary studies wherein language is used as a medium of expression so as to interpret man, psyche and memory. By making literature the partner of a dialogue with psychology, in order to better comprehend the psyche, it serves to alter the way of understanding the literary phenomenon.

Featuring relevant coverage on topics such as literary production, psychology in literature, identity, and traumatic studies, this book provides in-depth analysis that is suitable for academicians, students, professionals, and researchers interested in discovering more about the relationship between psychology and literature and their effects on thinking.

Önder Çakırtaş received his PhD from Süleyman Demirel University, Turkey. He is the author of Politics and Drama: Change, Challenge and Transition in Bernard Shaw and Orhan Asena, and the Editor-in-Chief of Human: International Journal of Literature and Humanities. He is currently teaching English Literature in the Department of English Language and Literature at Bingol University, Turkey.

Antolin C. Trinidad, MD, PhD, is a psychiatrist in active practice and a literary critic. His clinical practice focuses on cancer medicine as it intersects with psychological problems and the psychology of severe medical conditions. In terms of his literary critical interests, he concentrates on narrative practices, trauma theory, corporeality and the intersection between medicine and literature. He received his PhD in English and American Language and Literature from George Washington University, USA. He is currently Chair of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health at Norwalk Hospital in Connecticut, and teaches Psychiatry at the Yale University School of Medicine, where he is an associate clinical professor.

Şahin Kızıltaş received his PhD from Ataturk University, Turkey, with a dissertation entitled “The Social Discrimination and Racism in Nadine Gordimer’s Novels”. His research interests lie in the areas of Victorian literature, postcolonial literature, literature of exile and apartheid writing. He is currently teaching at Bitlis Eren University, Turkey.

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