Memory Curators and Memory Archivists in the Digital Memory Age

Memory Curators and Memory Archivists in the Digital Memory Age

This book centres around the reinvention of the traditional roles of librarian and archivist in the digital age, exploring their position as memory makers and curators. The author details the skillsets and methods available to them for the purpose of identifying, collecting, selecting, refining, reducing and summarising a flood of data into useful business information through the eSARS process. Then, the author describes the skills and concepts used by recordkeepers when dealing with the curated information so that only valued business information is selected, registered, protected and accessed. Acknowledging the influence of our current climate crisis, the book details the evolution from paper-based corporate knowledge to digital-human collective intelligence. This book relies heavily on the systems analysis concepts of recordkeeping informatics such as information culture, the records continuum, metadata, business processes and access. This book combines the artistic science of curation with the science of digital recordkeeping to assume control over information in the Digital Memory Age.

Andrew McFadzean has qualifications and experience in library science, archives and digital recordkeeping. Since 2003, he has worked at a range of agencies including the National Archives of Australia, and both the Department of Defence and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Australia). He has worked in areas covering information management, recordkeeping informatics, developing digital access and open access practices.

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