Entransy: An Alternative Perspective on Thermal Phenomena

In this book, the author introduces an alternative perspective to understand thermal phenomena, the concept of entransy and its relevant principles, applications and extensions, which have been widely used in the analyses and optimizations of many transport processes. The scientific significance and application value of the theory have been clearly demonstrated. The theory is inevitably questioned, and there are even accusations that are not academically valid. These controversies are also introduced and discussed comprehensively.

This book is an introduction to the entransy theory; the author has only selected a few cases that are sufficient to show the advantages and necessity of the application of the theory.

This book is helpful to the undergraduates, graduates, teachers, engineers, scientists and researchers in thermal science and engineering.

Dr XueTao Cheng is the Chief Technical Supervisor at the Administrative Center of the Baohe District, Hefei, China. He received his BE and PhD degrees from Tsinghua University in 2006 and 2011, respectively. His area of interest is power engineering and engineering thermophysics, particularly thermodynamics, heat transfer, heat-work conversion, thermal design and flow dynamics. His publications include two books, entitled A Critical Perspective of Entropy Generation Minimization in Thermal Analyses and Optimizations and Critique of Constructal Theory, and about 80 peer-reviewed papers in different academic journals, such as International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer, Energy, Energy Conversion and Management, Applied Thermal Engineering, Chinese Physics B and Science China Technological Sciences, among others. He also works as a reviewer for several international academic journals.

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