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Development of the Roadmap of Political Zionism in the State of Israel

This book deals with many different aspects of Zionism, including analysing the origins of Zionism in Western and Eastern Europe as a consequence of the antisemitism of the late 19th to mid-20th century in Europe. It also analyses how political Zionism was implanted in historic Palestine, and maps its development since the creation of the State of Israel and the consequences of this, among which are the country’s occupation, and the violation of the human, political and economic rights of its inhabitants. It also deals with Hamas’ response to this situation.

Mari Carmen Forriol is an archeology and ancient history postgraduate, a doctor of investigation and development, and a doctor of law, political science and administration. She has published several articles in specialised journals, including a paper for Campus for International Security and Defense (CISDE), Spain. She is the author of Violence in the Palestinian Conflict. The separation of two Peoples and Al Qaeda and the Islamic State. A threat to Europe´s Security in both Spanish and English.

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