Chinese Migration to Brazil: History, Mobility and Identities

Chinese Migration to Brazil: History, Mobility and Identities

This is the first book to explore the Chinese migration to Brazil from various aspects, including history, population, migration models, religions, diasporic associations, media, heritage language schools and literary writings. Providing an important historical perspective, the text analyzes the transnational nature of the Chinese immigrant communities in Brazil, as well as their spatial distribution, economic status, mobility and identity formation. Anyone interested in the phenomenon of Chinese migration will find this comprehensive work an invaluable resource.

Chang-sheng Shu is Associate Professor at the Department of Oriental Letters of University of São Paulo, Brazil. He graduated from Fudan University (China) in 1989, and obtained his PhD in 2002 from the Fluminense Federal University (Brazil). His areas of research are: modern and contemporary Chinese history, the history of Sino-Brazilian relations and Chinese migration to Brazil. He has authored two books, A História da China Popular do Século XX (2012) and Os Intelectuais Chineses e o Regime Maoista, 1956-1957 (2019). He co-authored (with Weinong Gao) the History of Chinese Migration to Brazil, 1808-2019.

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