Gender, Sexuality, and Indian Cinema: Queer Visuals

This edited volume offers a comprehensive understanding of the queer space in tandem with the transforming socio-cultural-political relationships in a country that exhibits diversified shades of ideologies and history – that is, India. The featured essays deal with the presence of queerness in visual media, particularly in films and the digital arena, from multilingual and multicultural perspectives, thus creating an exhaustive discourse encompassing argument and analysis. This book aims to depict the plurality and complexity of the Indian scenario, fostering mass acceptance of queerness, a rare scholastic endeavour.

Srija Sanyal is a research scholar at the Ronin Institute for Independent Scholarship, USA, and her work focuses on the field of gender and queer theory in the Indian context. She holds a master’s degree in English literature from the University of Delhi, India. As the recipient of the Ronin Institute Research Scholarship, her upcoming project includes a monograph on gender and songs in Indian cinema. Her other areas of research interest include gender and visual media, South Asian studies, and women’s writing.

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Aryehi Bhushan

Anagha Biju

Raunak Ghosh

Pema Gyalchen Tamang

Nizara Hazarika

Sony Jalarajan Raj

Akshay Kumar

Anil Pradhan

Asma Rasheed

Srija Sanyal

Jaya Sarkar

Pritha Sarkar

Aparna Shastri

Adith K. Suresh

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