Spatial Anisotropy of Induced Optical Effects in Crystalline Materials

Spatial Anisotropy of Induced Optical Effects in Crystalline Materials

This book addresses analytical descriptions and geometric representations of the spatial anisotropy of induced optical effects in crystalline materials of different symmetry classes, as well as experimental methods and apparatus for the comprehensive studies of electro-, piezo-, elasto- and acousto-optic phenomena in crystalline solids. It also details 3D analysis of the anisotropies of linear electro-optic, piezo-optic, elasto-optic, acoustic and acousto-optic properties of various crystalline materials and constructs indicative or extreme surfaces describing the anisotropy effect.

Professor A. S. Andrushchak works in the fields of optics and physics of crystalline materials, influence of external fields on the characteristics of optical materials, and searching for optimal geometries of electro-, piezo, acousto- and nonlinear-optic interactions in crystals. He is the author of more than 250 scientific works.

Professor O. A. Buryy works in the field of crystal optics and laser and optoelectronic materials. He has developed mathematical models of microlasers, as well as a method for optimizing geometries of crystal-physical effects, and is the author of 200 scientific works.

Dr N. A. Andrushchak works on characterization of crystalline materials in the visible and subterahertz spectral ranges. His particular scientific interests lie in electro-optic and acousto-optic devices for controlling radiation in the subterahertz frequency range, and he is the author of around 100 publications.

Dr N. M. Demyanyshyn works in the field of optics and physics of crystalline materials. She has developed experimental interferometric and polarization-optical methods for studying the photoelasticity and relaxation of photoelasticity in low-symmetry crystalline materials and is the author of 130 scientific works.

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