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The Use of Humic Acid in Nematode Management

Phytonematodes are small microscopic invertebrate animals living in the soil as parasites of many plants. Many plant-parasitic nematodes establish strong host-parasitic relations with major food, fruit, vegetable, and allied crops, resulting in a drastic yield loss globally. To control or manage these nematode menaces, farmers or growers use toxic fumigants, as well as non-fumigant chemical nematicides frequently. It is necessary to adopt eco-friendly products to tackle the nematode problem. This book explains the nature of nematodes, the role of organic methods and organic acids in nematode control, and the role of humic acid in agriculture, plant disease control, phytonematode control, nematode control. It also details the success of research trials on phytonematode control using humic acid on banana and citrus nematodes, as well as its compatibility with available biocontrol agents and its future prospects.

Dr Seenivasan Nagachandrabose is a professor at the Department of Nematology of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, India. His research interests are biological control of nematodes, integrated management strategies, nematode resistance in Musa spp., entomopathogenic nematodes, and molecular identification of nematodes. He conducted his postdoctoral research at Michigan State University and North Dakota State University, USA, and he is the author of 71 research papers, five books, and three book chapters.

Dr C. Sankaranarayanan is a Principal Scientist (Nematology) at the Division of Crop Protection at ICAR Sugarcane Breeding Institute, India. He has 25 years of experience in nematological research, with a particular focus on entomopathogenic nematodes (EPN) and biological control of plant-parasitic nematodes. He has published several articles on various aspects of nematology in a number of journals.

Dr K. S. Subramanian is the Former Director of Research at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, India. He received his PhD from the University of Ottawa, Canada, and assisted the Indian Council of Agricultural Research in developing its research framework for Nanotechnology Platform in Agriculture. He published over 220 journal articles and six books on nanotechnology.

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