Global Democracy and Human Self-Transcendence: The Power of the Future for Planetary Transformation

This volume examines the dynamics of self-transcendence for both individuals and humanity as a whole. In doing so, it illuminates the definitive relationship between self-transcendence and global democracy. Drawing upon a vast literature of philosophy, psychology, and religion, ancient and modern, East and West, this book reveals the power of human futurity in actualizing our higher potential. It represents a real breakthrough in understanding our emerging new era in the evolution of humanity. It describes our transition from personal consciousness to global consciousness.

The book includes chapters on the fundamental ideas that animate our self-understanding and define our common humanity. Through careful scholarship, it examines the dynamics of human dignity, freedom, love, community, intrinsic rights, and global ethics. It explores each of these concepts as a dimension of our human temporality as we envision and move into an ever-transcending future, a future that includes a World Parliament and planetary democracy.

In our time of apparent hopelessness and despair, this volume reveals the grounds for a powerful hope that we can establish one world civilization of peace, justice, freedom, and sustainability. It makes a truly unique contribution, not found elsewhere in today’s literature, revealing the astonishing dignity and potential of being human. It is essential reading for all those concerned for the future of humanity and our precious planet Earth.

Glen T. Martin, PhD, is Professor of Philosophy at Radford University, USA, and Chair Emeritus of its program in Peace Studies. He is President of International Philosophers for Peace (IPPNO) and the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA), the world’s leading organization for a constitution under a democratic World Parliament. He has received many international peace awards, including the GUSI Peace Prize International in 2013. He is the author of ten books and hundreds of articles on globalization, world law, human self-transcendence, philosophical holism, and the quest for peace with justice. His previous books include Millennium Dawn (2005), Ascent to Freedom (2008), Triumph of Civilization (2010), The Anatomy of a Sustainable World (2013), and One World Renaissance (2016).

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