Music on Stage Volume III

The Music on Stage conferences are a unique engine for interdisciplinary interaction, which is reflected in this compendium of the latest research by international scholars. Scholars and practitioners of operas by Handel, Mozart, Thomas, Chabrier, Korngold and Taktakishvili will find new “readings” from hitherto unexplored contexts and contemporary fine art. Also discussed is operatic lighting and the problematics of traditional lighting schemes apropos recent inventive methodologies. Popular sound development of the late 1960s is highlighted through unique oral transcripts. Other chapters discuss the intermediality of music and social media in the work of Brigitta Muntendorf; the visual transcoding of Wagner’s leitmotif technique; a new theory of Affektenlehre, and the art and politics of the Slovenian conceptual music collective Laibach.

Fiona Jane Schopf is Director of Opera Studies at Rose Bruford College, UK, where she has devised online programmes in opera, music and opera performance (the latter in collaboration with Associated Studios, London). She initiated the biennial Music on Stage conferences in 2006, and was previously Lecturer in Music at the University of Birmingham’s Lifelong Learning Centre following a performing career in America. She has lectured widely throughout the UK on opera and music, and has published chapters, articles and analyses on Wagner, Lachner and Krenek.

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