Therapeutic Keys to Self-Actualization in Homer’s Demeter

This book is the result of a study that investigated the effects that myth in sacred text may have on personal, professional and transpersonal development. To ensure maximum impact in terms of imagery-enhancing properties, Homer’s Hymn to Demeter was read, accompanied by lyre music, in a therapeutic setting and the resulting experiences examined. The author, a clinician as well as researcher, succeeds in extracting personal epiphanies that have the potential to change perceptions and contribute to a healing process.

This book is a courageous and novel attempt to integrate ancient wisdom with modern scientific inquiry that honours all levels, states, and structures of consciousness within both the researcher and the study’s participants. It documents the deep inner preparatory work the author undertook prior to executing the study to situate herself in the historical context and prepare her psyche at a fundamental level to, as authentically as possible, receive the data, perceptions, and experiences from participants. Skill and creativity are also apparent with regard to the nuanced sophisticated manner of data collection and analysis – not only with words, but with accompanying drawings that depict the data in a unique manner that illuminates the many ways of knowing and expressing understanding. Moreover, the inclusion of a glossary helps navigate the reader through a delightfully rich and full experience.

Throughout the text, the focus of the inquiry (investigating the application of ancient Greek myth and music in personal, professional and transpersonal development) is reinforced. This work portrays a deep respect for the many ways of knowing inherent in the human species, calling for a revision of sacred script and its benefits in education and psychology. This book is sure to appeal to scholars, clinicians and educators, as well as the educated lay reader.

Dr Lindy McMullin is an international motivational speaker, therapist, educator and researcher. Author of A Soul’s Journey and co-editor of Metamorphosis through Change, her life work is dedicated to researching the depths of the psyche. Her MSc research was on the importance of integrating natural occurring transpersonal experiences into everyday life, and she has a post-graduate certificate in Esotericism. She primarily works with Western therapeutic methods and also uses art and drama to complement a psycho-synthesis of different approaches. Based in Athens, Greece, she lectures and facilitates workshops, teaches drama, produces plays and runs a guidance practice.

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