Global Discourse in Fractured Times: Perspectives on Journalism, Media, Education, and Politics

Communication and information, facilitated by the internet and social media, play a highly influential role in the daily lives of peoples around the world. Drawing attention to many contemporary issues, the contents of this eclectic, multifaceted, international, and well-researched volume are engaging, thought-provoking, and informative. This book will be of great value to researchers and media professionals, and will serve as an essential resource for senior and graduate-level college courses in international communication, cultural studies, mass media, journalism, political communication, and related subjects.

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Yahya R. Kamalipour is a Full Professor of Communications and Former Chair (2014-2016) of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, USA. He received his PhD in Communication from the University of Missouri-Columbia, USA, and previously served as Professor and Head of the Department of Communication and Creative Arts of Purdue University Northwest, USA. His areas of interest and research include globalization, media impact, international communication, Middle East media, and new communication technologies. Profiled in the Contemporary Authors and Who’s Who in the World, he has published 16 books, including Digital Transformation in Journalism and News Media (with Mike Friedrichsen); Communicating through the Universe (with Nadejda Greidina); and Global Communication. He is the founder and managing editor of Global Media Journals, the founder of the Center for Global Studies (Purdue Northwest), and founder and president of the Global Communication Association.

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