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    "[Genetically Modified Organisms: A Scientific-Political Dialogue on a Meaningless Meme] is an excellent book presenting a very strong case for abandoning the acronym GMO. It will be extremely helpful to scholars and educators in developing countries who need to persuade their populace and politicians to adopt modern methods to reap the benefits of more nutritious foods and greatly improved yields."

    - Sir Richard J. Roberts, Winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology

The Skill Approach in Education: From Theory to Practice

Today, information and technological developments grow at a rapid pace. Social and political life becomes more and more complicated and, in this process, active citizenship becomes more essential. Knowledge-driven changes in society and economies require individuals to quickly acquire new skills. Otherwise, it is increasingly difficult for employees to adapt to business life and to find a job. Education has to take account of these circumstances, adapt to the rapid developments in the world and educate individuals to continue lifelong learning. For this, skills such as active and independent learning, assertiveness, creativity, self-improvement, lifelong learning are important.

Skill teaching differs from knowledge teaching. Skill is the transfer of knowledge to practice. This process involves a learning process that requires the steps of researching, planning, controlling and correcting. The knowledge should be organized, integrated, transferred into practice, mental and physical resources should be activated, and knowledge use should be demonstrated in practice in order to improve the skill.

This book contributes to the teaching of skills and includes basic concepts and skills, language skills, science and mathematics skills, psycho-social skills and visual arts skills. It also explains how to teach skills, how to prepare for activities and how to implement activities in educational settings. These applications are intended to draw attention to skill teaching, to raise educators, to increase the success of education, to improve the skills of students, and to enable them to use the skills they have learned in school outside of school and in complex tasks.

Firdevs Güneş is a Professor in the Faculty of Education Sciences in the Department of Elementary Education at Ankara University, Turkey. Her research interests are basic education, teaching primary reading and writing, language teaching, skill teaching, teacher education, classroom management and speed reading.

Yusuf Söylemez is an Assistant Professor of Turkish Language and Literature in the Faculty of Science and Literature at Ağrı İbrahim Çeçen University, Turkey. His research interests are language education, teaching of Turkish, literature, critical thinking, scale development and discourse analysis.

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