Ethics and Integrity in the Rule of Law and International Law

This book examines the ethics and integrity approach to modelling the rule of law and the international law process by investigating different factors that influence legal and governance systems in society. It explores the foundations of the rule of law and international law, and how to overcome the undesirable deficiencies in our legal and governance systems. The approach of this book is carefully designed to briefly demonstrate how including ethics and integrity when dealing with the rule of law and international law could lead to effective legal and governance systems. This book argues that the rule of law does not stand alone; ethics and integrity are the lifeblood of all legal rules and governance systems. This book is of special interest to academics and researchers within the fields of law, social Justice and philosophy.

Dr Emmanuel Nartey holds a PhD in international law and human rights law. He is a researcher, and law lecturer. He is also a member of the International Association of Psychological Scientists, a member of the Chartered Institution of Management, and a member of the Athens Institution of Education and Research. He served as Head of the Research Integrity and Research Ethics Committee at the International Women Initiatives and the British Army. He is the author of My Olympic Dream, Accountability and Corporate Human Rights Violations in Tort and International Law, and Remedy for Human Rights Abuses under Tort and International Law. He is also the co-author of The Successful Spirit: Top Performers Share Secrets to a Winning Mindset, and his research focuses on international law and human rights, environmental law, neurolaw and the philosophy of ethics.

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