Activist Planning Case Studies 1990-2020

Activist planning shows how communities, neighbourhoods and social movements use their own alternative spatial planning to oppose interventions from the government. This book is a systematic overview of scholarly reported activist planning cases. It includes descriptions of the various kinds of activist planning and contains a comprehensive bibliography of academic publications related to the 164 cases. The book informs the planning community what activist planning is in practice, and offers a classification scheme where all reported cases fit in. This text is needed because no comprehensive collection of activist planning cases exists, nor does a classification comprising all types of activist planning. There is, to date, no database of cases and associated literature providing researchers and students with an authoritative source. The search for cases in the English language has been global, and the cases and 122 supplementary examples are sorted by country and world region ‒ Australasia, Europe, the Global South and North America.

Tore Sager is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and advisor to the Concept Research Programme funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Finance. His research is mostly about planning theory and decision processes in the public sector. Sager has published on evaluation methods, communicative planning theory, neoliberalism, populism and activist planning in more than twenty international academic journals. One article won the competition for AESOP Best Published Paper Award in 2007, and two other articles reached the finals in 2017 and 2021. His three books in English analyse communicative planning and democratic social choice. Two recent research reports by Sager deal with foresight methods in mega-project planning and how to stop weak government projects at an earlier planning stage. His main research interest is the creative and democratic potential of activist planning.

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