Engendering Difference: Sexism, Power and Politics

Constructing difference where there should be none is the main subject of this collection of essays about gender and its cultural manifestations and representations. From the pronouns we use, through the titles and positions we hold in our workplaces, to the more salient issues concerning abuse of power and exertion of violence, gender runs as a seemingly inevitable divide. This volume addresses the continuing relevance of the quest to diminish that gap, from the perspectives of literature, language, film, law, employment, aging and agency, both social and political.

Michelle Gadpaille is an Associate Professor in the Department of English and American Studies at the University of Maribor, Slovenia. She is the author of The Canadian Short Story: Perspectives on Canadian Culture and As She Should Be: Codes of Conduct in Early Canadian Women’s Writing.

Vesna Kondrič Horvat is a Professor of German Literature at the University of Maribor, Slovenia. She has published extensively on Swiss, German, Austrian and Luxembourgian authors, including Der eigenen Utopie nachspüren; Franz Kafka und Robert Walser im Dialog; “Ich mag Wörter, schöne Wörter”. Zu den Romanen von Hedi Wyss; and Wörter sind verräterisch. Hedi Wyss als Journalistin.

Victor Kennedy is a Professor in the Department of English and American Studies at the University of Maribor, Slovenia. He earned his first doctorate from Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto, Canada. He is editor, with Michelle Gadpaille, of Ethnic and Cultural Identity in Music and Song Lyrics.

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Bozidar Kante

Barbara Majcenovic Kline

Matea Lacmanovic

Karolina Lendák-Kabók

Anastassiya Lipovka

Xiaofang Liu

Spela Logar

Yili Luo

Sina Meissgeier

Jeffrey Miller

Natasa Pivec

Maja Pucelj

Tina Ritlop

Valerija Vendramin

Ester Vidovic

Silvia Vidovic

Sarah Wyman

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