Disrespected Neighbo(u)rs: Cultural Stereotypes in Literature and Film

Neighbourly relations frequently position a “self” against an “Other”. This is the case for both individuals and nations, and, indeed, within the various cultural groups of a nation. Our racial, ethnic, social, or gender identities are often created in demarcating ourselves by stereotyping the Other. Disrespect of the immediate neighbour based on stereotypical pre-conceptions and cultural biases may lie dormant for a long time and then, as shown in recent conflicts around the globe, suddenly surface due to changed economic and political conditions.

Media, including films and fictional as well as non-fictional texts, feature prominently in producing, propagating, and maintaining cultural difference and stereotypes in ideologically effective ways. This volume analyses re-presentations from various angles, as it comprises articles dealing with ethnic groups and neighbo(u)rhoods from three world areas, as well as genres and media instrumental to their respective cultural stereotyping. This focus on literary and media representations of the neighbo(u)rly Other from miscellaneous cultural environments results in a comprehensive understanding of analogies and differences in the mechanisms of production and perception of stereotypes. Addressing the manifold discourses at the heart of stereotyping the familiar Other, the book also points to their far-reaching repercussions on lived cultural practices.

Caroline Rosenthal is Professor of American Literature at the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, Germany, and has a strong research focus on Canadian literature and literary theory. She has published widely on comparative North American studies, semiotics of space, contemporary city fiction, gender studies, and questions of ideology and canon formation.

Laurenz Volmann is Professor of Teaching English as a Foreign Language at Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, Germany. He has published numerous books and articles on various aspects of cultural studies, British and American literature and images of other nations in teaching and learning contexts.

Uwe Zagratzki is Professor of Anglophone Literatures and Cultures at Szczecin University, Poland. He has published widely on Scottish and Canadian literatures and cultures, the construction of the Other in Anglophone literatures, cultural studies, and war and literature.

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Uwe Zagratzki

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